Companion Urns For Adults

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Companion Urns are cremation urns for two and are made to fit the ashes of two people in one urn which will be together forever in eternity.
A large selection of Companion Cremation Urns, Urns for Two or Three People or Double Urns at In The Light Urns.
Companion urns, which are also known as double urns, hold the cremains of two people. They are a very popular choice among families who wish to allow couples to remain together even after death. It is a beautiful way to honor the love and devotion of the pair.
Companion Cremation Urns and Double Cremation Urns designed to hold the remains of two people. Two separate compartments or one large compartment.
Companion urns generally hold twice the capacity of of a standard adult urn, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as "double urns", meaning that .
Most couples urns will hold approximately 400 cubic inches, which is equivalent to the cremated remains of two people who had a combined weight of 400 lbs. or less. If memorializing a child and adult or two children, individual cremation urns may be utilized instead.
Please browse through to find just the right companion urn for your loved ones.. . urns for two have a large enough compartment to hold 2 adults cremations.